Financial Service Business

Provision of innovative, highly convenient financial products and services via the Internet

The SBI Group initially entered the diverse financial services sector in the online securities business, and through the establishment of an Internet-based financial ecosystem, has promoted the creation of synergies and mutual evolution between the Group’s operating companies, in order to realize a competitive advantage that distinguishes itself from its competitors. To date, the Group has established a globally unique financial conglomerate that utilizes the Internet as its main business channel, which positions Japan’s No.1 retail online securities business in terms of its overwhelming customer base, banking business and insurance business as the three core components of the Financial Services Business. Moreover, away from services available on the Internet, through an aggressive development of a face-to-face shop managed on a franchise system, SBI MONEY PLAZA, which provides financial services both online and on a face- to-face basis, was established to provide optimal financial products to meet the needs of individual customers, and has received high customer satisfaction.

In this way, while growth was achieved by thoroughly exploiting synergies within the financial ecosystem, the Asset Management Business’ focused investments into the IT field contributed significantly to the development of the Financial Services Business. Among the investee companies in the IT sector, there are many with leading-edge technologies and the utilization of those technologies and expertise within the Group will enable the creation and offering of distinctive financial services, which is the result of a virtuous cycle between the Financial Services Business and the Asset Management Business.

  • Securities-related business
  • Banking-related business
  • Insurance-related business
  • Operation of SBI MONEY PLAZA shops
  • Operation of comparison, search and cost estimation websites for financial products