About Us

SBI Ven Capital Pte. Ltd. is a leading venture capital & private equity firm that invests in financial services and technology sectors across Asia, inclusive of digital platforms and Web3-related investments. We have a proven track record of partnering with companies and assembling critical resources needed to grow businesses in Asia. Our investment platform combines financial acumen, industry insight and operational expertise to enhance the value of the companies that we invest in.

SBI Ven Capital has a long track record of working with financial services and technology companies that are:

  • looking to raise equity or equity-linked financing
  • have market-leading products, processes and/or technology
  • backed by a strong team with whom SBI Ven Capital can partner

SBI Ven Capital was issued Capital Markets Services Licence (Licence No. CMS100261) on 23 May 2013 under the Securities and Futures Act by the Monetary Authority of Singapore to conduct fund management activities for accredited investors.

As of December 31, 2022, SBI Ven Capital is managing USD 546.7M.

SBI Ven Capital is the overseas private equity arm of SBI Holdings, Inc. (Japan).

SBI Emerging Asia Financial Sector Fund

SBI Emerging Asia Financial Sector Fund Pte. Ltd. (the “Fund”), is a growth strategy private equity investment fund which invests in financial services and fintech sector in emerging Asia to capitalize on the high expected growth of the region, spurred both by high GDP growth as well as under-penetration of financial services in the target countries. The target countries in emerging Asia, based on development stage and growth potential of financial services are India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

SBI Sygnum Azimut - Digital Asset Opportunity Fund VCC

SBI Sygnum Azimut – Digital Asset Opportunity Fund VCC (the “Fund”), is an early stage fund founded by SBI Group, Sygnum, and Azimut Group that aims to back best-in-class digital asset companies across Southeast Asia and Europe. The Fund brings together the collective digital assets experience and leadership of the three founding partners to accelerate the growth of promising companies in this sector. With SBI Ven Capital as the primary fund manager, the fund’s investment strategy will focus primarily on Pre-Series A and Series A companies developing blockchain/distributed ledger technology (DLT) infrastructure, decentralised finance (DeFi) solutions and regulatory technology tools.

SBI-NTU-Kyobo Digital Innovation Fund

SBI-NTU-Kyobo Digital Innovation Fund (the “DI Fund”), is an early stage fund founded by SBI Holdings, NTU Singapore’s NTUitive, and Kyobo Life Group. The DI Fund aims to back outstanding founders and globally competitive digital technology companies from Southeast Asia and South Asia. The DI Fund draws on the combined operational expertise, regional go-to-market connections and extensive industry network of its three partners to accelerate digital transformation and digital platform companies in the region. The main focus is on Pre-Series A and Series A companies across sectors where digital transformation and digital platforms are set to unlock huge economic potential such as financial services, commerce, logistics, agriculture, healthcare and education.